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Our ECO Policy


Making Divers Aware

Got Air Scuba pledges to our customers and the Oceans to act in a way that preserves & protects the Ocean's ECO System so we can continue to enjoy and pass on our passion for SCUBA Diving and Ocean Conservation to future generations.


  • No touching, even if you're wearing reef gloves!!!
  • Stay at least 5' above the reef / quarry bottom
  • Be careful with your fins
  • Be a buoyancy expert.  Sign up for the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty
  • Take only memories.  Leave only bubbles.
  • If you want to take pictures, sign up for the PADI Underwater Digital Photography specialty
  • Take the Pledge with PROJECT AWARE.  Follow the 10-Tips to protect the ocean.


...Damaging the reef, yourself, or other divers    

...Disturbing other divers, marine life or your DiveMaster / Instructor

  • Excellent Buoyancy
    • ​No cameras during ANY training dives
    • Pay attention to your fins and your position in the water
  • ​ABSOLUTELY no photo is worth damaging the reef or yourself
    • ​GAS reserves the right to prohibit you from bringing a camera on dives if you break or disrespect these rules

The Ocean's reefs are beautiful, healthy and full of marine life. We’d like to keep them that way.

Coral reefs are the oldest, most productive eco-system on earth. Effectively the rain forests of the sea, they’re home and food source to a million types of fish and marine creatures. Besides their environmental importance, coral reefs are extremely important to local economies, tourism, fishing industries, human health – and, of course, divers.

But coral reefs are in rapid decline, scientists estimating that approximately 25% have gone forever and, if current trends continue, will be completely gone in 30-50 years.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Marine biologists believe there’s time to slow down and eventually reverse the decline, with help and change. And we divers are in the unique position of not only seeing damage and decline underwater first-hand, but being be able to fix some of it, and prevent or influence things happening or worsening.

Unfortunately, divers contribute to reef damage. Accidentally, unknowingly, usually – but it’s still damage that an ‘Oh crap!’ doesn’t fix.

So whilst we try not to take life too seriously, here at Got Air Scuba, protecting the reef and diver safety are two exceptions. Which is why we built this Eco Policy, showing how Team Got Air Scuba and our divers can make a difference.